half up knot hairstyle

Hairstyles when you’re running late

You are running late and don’t have time for finicky hairstyles but still want to look gorgeous. Take a look at the following hairstyles. It won’t disappoint you!

Triple Twisted Pony

triple twisted pony hairstyle when you are running late, not have time

Divide your hair into three sections – left, middle, right and then twist the middle section toward the right, pinning in place. Next, twist the left section one toward the right and pin in place. Then twist the right section toward the left and pin in place over the other two sections. Give it a little tease, and it will be on your way!

The Half-Up Knot

half up knot hairstyle

Take one two-inch section of hair on either side of your head and gather them together in the back. Twist the sections together as one, twist it into a knot, the tuck the ends under and pin in place.

Braided half-crown

braided half crown hairstyle

Braid a two-inch section of hair on either side of your face, and secure each end with a mini hair elastic. Then cross each braid over the other and tuck the ends out of sight. Pin everything in place and flaunt your princess-worthy hair

Double Mini Buns

double mini buns hairstyle

This hairstyle is a perfect one for medium-length curly hair. All you need to do is to split your hair into 2 sections, curl each one into a mini bun. Then pin them in place and breeze out the door.

Cool-girl chignon

cool-girl chignon hairstyle

This hairstyle is ridiculously easy to make

The double-knotted pony

double knotted pony

This hairstyle works best on those with fine, thin strands. First, split your hair into 2 sections and tie them in a knot. Then, knot them again and pin it all in a place with a hairpin. Spray some hair spray to keep it from moving.


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